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Feasting at St John


A little photo diary of the St John goose feast I was lucky enough to consume. There are literally no words to describe it…trust me, this post has been sitting in my drafts since January 2012.

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I’ve never wanted to be one of those people who has a ‘regular dish’ they always order, the no. 48 with a no. 76 on the side. However, trips to Busaba lead me to momentarily disable the ‘try something new and order something no one else has’ mantra that I normally follow. The reason for this: calamari and pad thai jay (nos 15 and 53 respectively.)  So here are a few of my favourite things…. 

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Sheffield Pie Night

I love pie. 

Since Silvermith’s reinvention quite a few years ago, rumours have been rife about an infamous Pie Night, where one can go and feast on pies for a penny pinching amount of money. Luckily for me, this rumour was true. 

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The Wapping Project - Industrial Dining

The Wapping Project is snuggled into a quiet cobbled street in Wapping. A previous Hydraulic Power Station, diners are still surrounded by the old machinery, the power from which used to power London lifts (amongst other things!). I’ve been lucky enough to dine here twice and each visit never fails to impress. It not only provides delicious and seasonable dishes, but houses some incredible installations in the old Bolier Room…

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Due South, Brighton

Table with a view please...Day 68/365

I could never claim to have a Rick Stien-esque encyclopedic knowledge of fish or seafood, so my experience at Due South for my mum’s birthday positively opened my eyes to a world beyond flakey salmon, meaty tuna steaks and battered cod.

The restaurant itself is snuggled into the arches along the seafront. Inside, the decor has a classic rustic feel with the front half of the restaurant opening onto the magnificent prospect that is the English Channel. I started with a local* sheep cheese salad whilst my parents sampled the local scallops. The cheese was beautifully smooth, laced with a tang that I often find too overpowering in goats cheese (because goats cheese tastes of goat) and cut nicely by a rocket and caper garnish. Capers. I must use them. Cue caper adventure 1.0. 

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