Jessica's food experiences from there and back.

The Wapping Project - Industrial Dining

The Wapping Project is snuggled into a quiet cobbled street in Wapping. A previous Hydraulic Power Station, diners are still surrounded by the old machinery, the power from which used to power London lifts (amongst other things!). I’ve been lucky enough to dine here twice and each visit never fails to impress. It not only provides delicious and seasonable dishes, but houses some incredible installations in the old Bolier Room…

On my first visit we immersed ourselves in Chorus, a kinetic and auditory experience. Lit pendulums swing in a set rhythm and order, producing erie sounds which are totally mesmerising. See this clip for an idea 

My most recent visit was in April, where Louis and myself were transported around the boiler room by boat! The exhibition was a collaboration between Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto scenographer Masao Nihei. The Boiler room had been waterproofed and filled with water. Suspended above was an upside down Yamamoto wedding dress skirt supported on a headless mannequin. The effect was incredible and alluring, as the oarsman rowed us round in total silence, you were drawn to the reflection in the water. It was absolutely perfect. It felt like lady of the lake, an unattainable perfection. You felt allured to jump into it, to achieve this tempting perfect. Needless to say, the photos do not do these justice! This was again followed by an amazing meal. Louis had a hearty rabbit stew and I had skate, which were both delicious.