Jessica's food experiences from there and back.

Maltby Street Market

It was on a cool Friday evening in Clerkenwell when we heard of it, tales of incredible vanilla custard doughnuts, monmouth coffee…. and all within easy reach of London Bridge station. 

Saturday morning, Louis, Charlie an I set off, guided by a miraculous star that had appeared in the blue sky overhead (yes, that rare occurrence being the sun). What we found was a calm oasis, a panacea for anyone who has elbowed their way through the throbbing swarms of Borough Market. The stalls and shops are strewn haphazardly across Druid and Maltby street, spread out enough so that their was a genuine atmosphere of a leisurely saturday morning and not a single guide book in sight.  Here are a few photos and a few experiences….

Monmouth, the Coffee mecca of London, has it’s roasting house located on Maltby Street.

On Saturday morning it dons a glass slipper, transforming itself into a Coffee Shop between the hours of 9am-2pm. The queue for coffee here is significantly smaller than that of the 2 mile anaconda of the queue that unfurls around the Borough Market outlet.  Think mino, delightfully small mino! 

Coffee in hand, we continued our pilgrimage to search out the infamously delectable St John* doughnut. We were not disappointed. Upon consumption, however, I regressed into a toddler, as the vanilla specked custard slopped out of the doughnut onto me, my hands and the pavement. I stood there a little sheepishly, sugar all over my face, until a well seasoned St John doughnutter and her children passed and handed me a tissue they had asked for with their order. A true professional. The doughnut itself was amazing: soft, light and not overly sweet. The custard, flecked with black vanilla, walked the sweetness tightrope, perfectly balanced between creaminess and sweetness. 

*yes, the same establishment that featured in the Guardians top 50 international restaurants…. it also has a bakery.

Oh dear….such a wannabe.

We encountered some fellow pilgrims in the search for vanilla custard doughnuts and the elite football asparagus award. 

The fruit and veg shop…searching for ingredients for a few pre-marathon risottos. 


The cheese man we met was an amazing character, all the cheese was sourced from small Swiss and French regions (including St Marcellin, a local cheese from where I lived). The fact that he induced Louis, vocal cheese hater (I don’t understand it either), to buy £5 of a comte style Swiss cheese for the risotto, is testament to his ability!

The playoffs for the asparagus award.