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Market Memoires: Le Touquet

5.30am is never a happy hour for me, but my loss of sleep was compensated in the form of this exquisite Market hall we came across in Le Touquet, about 40 minutes drive from Calais.  Here is a series of photos that, I hope, will convey the experience. Or, as Louis puts it, 10 reasons why not to shop at tesco. 

 Le Touquet beach front 

Market scales

Glimpses of Summer: early season strawberries and artichokes

Herbs of the day

Organic carrots

The Poissonerie section

A few catches of the day….

The charcuterie section…. oink

After selecting our 5 favourite saucissons (pepper covered, herb covered, hazlenut, plain, wild boar and deer), the seller decided we simple must try his chili saucisson and gave it to us for free. This is the mark of a true craftsman, more interested pride for his product than how much he takes home at the end of the day. 

Macarons de la maison 

Home made macaroons. We spent about 15 minutes choosing which flavours to buy. My favourite is pistacho…om nom nom.  I once spent an unintelligible 5 minutes with a lady in a patisserie in Romans sur Isere trying to order ‘mah-cah-roons’….only after some touristy hand gestures and pointing did she say, ‘Ahh, des mah-cah-ron’. It was worth it.

In France, they cut their beef differently to here in the UK. We ordered 4 entrecote steaks, which my brother later cooked (exquistly). It was beautifully tender and delicious…